Jazz Guitar Lessons from Chris Standring

  • Play What You Hear Vol 1 & 2

    A journey into complete jazz guitar mastery in two volumes. Volume two now released! Intermediates.

  • Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Vol 1 & 2

    Learn single note soloing in volume 1 and chord melody in volume 2. Intermediate level.

  • Guitar Made Simple

    A complete beginner's guide to the guitar. Learn music fundamentals, chords, pentatonic scales and much more.

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    Welcome To Play Jazz Guitar.com

    Hi I'm Chris Standring and I run PlayJazzGuitar.com - the website you have just landed at. I've been ensconced in the jazz guitar world for about 30 years now. I've made many records and it's time to give back a little. I'm very interested in creating new effective ways to teach the jazz guitar language and since the success of my first Play What You Hear jazz instructional program I am intrigued to be able to capitalize on that interactive idea to present new programs in the future.

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    I have a section that features jazz guitar articles I have personally penned. I have many thoughts about the artistry of jazz guitar, particularly as I am often going through various issues myself and I like to get my thoughts down on paper.

    Check out the all new jazz guitar solo transcriptions section. This will grow to be a great resource for all players wanting to expand their melodic vocabulary.

    I also have a growing library of free jazz guitar lessons targetted at the beginner, intermediate and advanced student.

    If you are looking for systematic step by step jazz guitar lessons to really improve your playing, I invite you to check out my programs. My Play What You Hear course has stood the test of time where thousands of students have become fantastic players. And now volume two is released and I can't tell you how proud of this I am.

    I also have two Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass programs. Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass volume one focuses on single note soloing and playing through chord chnages, whereas Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume two focuses 100% on chord melody in the style of Joe Pass.

    Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate practice resource then look no further than The Inside Track, a private member's site - a one stop for all your jazz guitar study needs, and a whole lot more. The membership includes access to all my guitar instructional programs. Check out the Inside Track here.

    Thanks for dropping by, don't be a stranger, and do drop me a line, I'm always happy to get feedback and answer any questions..

    The Long Awaited Play What You Hear Volume Two Is Now Here!

    It has been many years since the first edition of Play What You Hear (originally released in 2000). Now volume two is here with new ideas and concepts, complete with audio, video, traditional notation and TAB throughout. High resolution pdf available for printing the entire program. For intermediate and advanced players.

    • Part One: Melody

      Focuses on single note soloing. Learn how to effortlessly solo through complex chord changes.

    • Part Two: Harmony

      Focuses on chord melody. Learn new harmonic devices and understand chords in a whole new way.

    • Performances

      Study Chris Standring's six recorded solos, transcribed with audio and high def video.

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