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From: Chris Standring

Dear fellow musician,

Sometime ago I realized something that every guitar player goes through, whether beginner, intermediate, advanced or world class. We all think we suck. I'm not kidding. Everybody at any stage in the learning process. We all think we're not getting anywhere. And we wonder if we ever will.

Beginners think they will never be able to play that F major bar chord at the first fret. Intermediates think they will never be able to create a musical solo over chord changes. Advanced players wonder if they will ever master playing over Giant Steps and the world's greatest players think they will never come up with anything new and fresh.

What a lovely way to open a letter I hear you ask! Well, you may think this sounds odd but in fact, this is all a VERY positive thing. Let me explain why....

If we were all completely happy with our guitar playing, nobody would ever improve and there would be nobody great to look up to and get inspired. The thing is, the beginner student looks up to the intermediate, the intermediate player praises the advanced player and the advanced player worships the world's greatest, and that is exactly how it should be. So where do you fit into all this and why on earth am I talking about it?

It's really true, every player, probably including you, feels like they are not getting anywhere. The truth is, we go through peaks and plateaus in our playing. When we think we are not improving, this is usually the time when things really start to take off, simply because we are more aware than ever that we seem to be in a rut and we really want to do something about it.

The next time you play a lick and think to yourself, "Boy how many times have I played THAT?" you may be in a healthy position to take your playing to the next level. Listen, if you simply love how you play, why improve? Why search out new things?

Fortunately, few guitar players feel this way about their own playing and this is exactly why this is a good thing, not a bad one. We are simply opening the channels to get to the next place. And I guarantee this is the reason you have landed on this page.

So welcome. You have just taken your jazz guitar playing to the next level. And no one is more happy than I to hear that, because one of the things that thrills me in life is to watch people become successful, in any walk of life. And because I'm a jazz musician, one of my favorite things is to see gifted guitar players realize their potential.

Hey Chris - How do I like Jazz Guitar Video Master Class Volume 1? Let me start by saying it's by far the best guitar instructional video series I've ever purchased for any style of music, bar none. And trust me when I say, I have a library of books and videos. It has totally changed my playing and set me on a course to become a great jazz guitarist. Thanks to you and your course the mysterious and cryptic elements of jazz guitar are starting to click for me. I can't thank you enough for creating this course. God bless. - Bill Adams

"I accessed your course online and found it to be much more informative than I expected one of these courses to be! You lay it out very clearly and the musical ideas are all super cool, especially the II - V - I bebop phrases. I also liked your solos over "All the Things You Are" and the other tunes, too. In fact, all your solos have good, solid construction and a very swinging feel. I think this course will be very helpful to anyone that's looking to play over changes. Playing through this course will give the serious student of the instrument a more linear way to play up and down the neck, and in turn expand their range on the guitar. I can tell a LOT of work went into this project....All the best!" - Carl Verheyen, LA studio guitarist

So I'm extremely excited to tell you about a revolutionary new product I have developed that will without question, take your jazz guitar playing to the next place.

I am not a private teacher. I used to be. I certainly did my fair share of that for many years, but for the last 15 years I've been a professional touring and jazz recording artist and this aspect of my life has taken over. But being in the trenches, if you will, performing and playing with world class musicians gives a unique perspective that one might not get from a private teacher.

Part of that perspective is knowing what we need to get together in order to be a great player, a real professional, if you will. Professionals learn to amass real-world resources to be able to cope in real-life playing situations. We don't have time to spend studying too many abstract theories, we need to get the notes under our fingers in a practical way so we can perform.

So one of the things I have realized is that many teachers are making things overly complicated when they try to impart information to their students. Music is a language, it shouldn't be complicated.

Think of it like this. Let's say I live in a foreign country and you come to visit me, but you don't speak my language. Let's say I give you a dictionary so you can learn all the words in my language. Do you think you'd be any the wiser? I would say hardly. You can learn all the words in that dictionary, but unless you know how to put several of those words together in a sentence, you will still be lost in my country. You still need to learn grammar and context, and understand how to construct sentences. In short, you need to learn the language.

And it is exactly the same when we talk about jazz. I can show you every altered jazz chord and every scale that every great player has ever used and you'll STILL be none the wiser.

Why? because you have not learned the jazz language. Much like my dictionary I gave you, you still need to know how to construct musical sentences.

"Chris - your program is seriously good! It's well thought out and easy to use. It's bound to appeal to players who can play but want to learn jazz. I'm totally impressed with the intelligence and organization of this. You are also a totally natural teacher . Well done mate! " - Tony Smith, guitarist with Roy Ayers.

I remember when I studied classical guitar at music college in London. I would spend one morning every week going to my guitar teacher's house for a lesson. I looked forward to that time so much for two reasons. First, he was a truly great classical guitarist, and second, he was passionate about the guitar and he would use me as an audience to play a new piece he was working up for a concert. This part of the lesson, simply listening to him play, was the most inspiring and rewarding part. His playing oozed musicality at the highest level. He was a perfectionist. I wanted that, I had to have it.

So I feel like I personally improved in leaps and bounds simply by listening and watching him alone, because watching my mentor play inspired me to want to go and practice. And this is why I want to pass this on to you.

We are living in a video world. And a digital world. We are very lucky to have these tools at our fingertips and I am extremely excited to introduce this video masterclass series to you. I believe what you are about to see will change the face of the music instructional market.

I want to show you by example, just as my mentor did for me all those years ago. But there is a difference. I can't go back and relive those private guitar lessons I had, they are merely distant memories for me now. But for you, you will always be able to refer back to these videos.

I'm going to show you how to build your jazz vocabulary without learning a million licks and I hope to inspire you at the same time, by showing you the jazz language in a real performance situation.

This is not for beginners. You should be an intermediate player who has, in a perfect world, delved into jazz to some degree, but most importantly, you should have the fundamentals under your fingers.

There are 11 in depth lessons in this jazz guitar masterclass, split up into two main sections:

Part One "The Jazz Language" and
Part Two" Solos, Analysis And Transcriptions".

Let's have a quick look at the lessons:

Lesson 1: Warm Up Exercises
Three great warm up routines to get your fingers moving.

Lesson 2: Building Vocabulary Part 1
Here we will discuss associating melody notes with chords and ways to traverse the fretboard, visualizing everything as we go.

Lesson 3: Building Vocabulary Part 2

I'm going to show you 10 melodic lines, ascending and descending, that work in so many harmonic situations, that you will amass a ton of melodic vocabulary by the end of this lesson alone.

Lesson 4: Connecting Phrases

Knowing exactly how to incorporate new vocabulary into your existing vocabulary is the key to building a never ending resource of ideas that we can draw from. This is the answer to all those questions I get from guitarists who say "I just can't sound good soloing through chord changes". This lesson will change your world!

Lesson 5: Rhythm & Comping
Learning how to comp in a jazz rhythm section is an art. Learning how to really swing is a rarity! And interacting with others so it puts a smile on everyone's face is a case of having a few simple tools at your fingertips. In this lesson you will learn the fine art of rhythm playing. We will study the blues (4/4 time), waltz (3/4 time) and an in depth look at walking bass and comping chords together.

In part two you will see me perform six songs in front of the camera. We will study the following:

Lesson 6: Have You Met Miss Jones
Lesson 7: That's What I Thought You Said
Lesson 8: Sunrise
Lesson 9: All The Things You Are
Lesson 10: How Insensitive
Lesson 11: Nightingale's Bridge

Every single note you see me perform on camera is transcribed right in front of you!

In fact the notation is right underneath each video, viewd from your internet browser, so you can pause the video and look at that particular bar, analyze it and see exactly how I performed it. I have notated the music using traditional music notation and TAB underneath that. The TAB, as much as all professional musicians hate to see it, actually came in useful as it enabled me to show you exactly where I performed the notes on the fretboard.

Chris - this looks great and the formatting, visual presentation and overall organization of the material is excellent! You look great on camera and seem very comfortable and natural in your delivery. I think this will be a very popular series and I wish you a lot of success with it! - Frank Potenza, Professor, Chair studio/jazz guitar program, USC

I will show you the most important things you need to know to be a truly great jazz guitarist!

But that's not all...

The program has a ton of play along tracks in different tempos throughout. These tracks can be streamed (and looped) within the program or downloaded to your own hard drive.

The entire program can also be printed out from a super high rez pdf file so you will see notation (and TAB) in beautiful definition so you can practice away from the computer. I have provided the option to order a spiral bound printed edition that I can send you if you choose.

Take a look at one or two screen shots of the program. (Note: Exact size is larger, about 15 inches across or 1095 x 927 pixels)

Let's have a look at an example video snippet so you can see how it looks:

11 in depth video lessons with Chris Standring!

7 full length jazz guitar solos performed by Chris Standring!

Every example and solo transcribed with traditional notation and TAB!

Print out music in super high resolution!

Tons of play along tracks to all lessons and songs! (stream or download)

Optional spiral bound workbook in beautiful high resolution!

Optional DVD!

100% money back guarantee!

When you dive into this program I want to give you a few goodies along with it....

Bonus #1 Guitar Made Simple Chord Finder (value $24.95)
This cutting edge little app is a handy tool to quickly look up any basic chord. Once you select the root chord and then the type of chord (whether it be minor 6, major 7 etc.) three hand positions come up to show you three different locations across the fretboard of that particular chord. Click on an image and you will hear me personally play that exact chord shape at that exact location. No midi nonsense, the real thing. You can also use these sounds to practice soloing over particular chords in isolation. This is a truly great ear training tool!

Bonus #2 Guitar Made Simple program (value $97)

For a limited time I am giving away my complete beginners to intermediate program, Guitar Made Simple absolutely free. This entire program retails at $97 and I am giving it to you so you can have it at hand just in case you need to go back to one or two basics and get something firmly understood before you tackle something more advanced. This offer will expire soon (available while stocks last).

This program is endorsed by many great teachers and professionals including Stephen Bishop.

Bonus #3 Live In London
(Value $15)

In 2017 I recorded a live album in London, England. The whole thing was kind of a big deal and an event unlikely to be repeated. It took place at Cadogan Hall in Chelsea and featured rhythm section, string section and soul superstar Mica Paris.And my special guest was soul superstar singer Mica Paris. The event was beautifully recorded and filmed in high def video.

I will send you the 15 track CD with login access to video stream the entire live concert.

Your "Nothing to Lose And Everything To Gain" Guarantee!
Play jazz guarantee When you buy "Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass Volume 1", I personally guarantee that your guitar playing will take on a whole new level. Otherwise you can return the program and I will refund you 100% (including your shipping!) I make this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, (but naturally skeptical) -- not the 1% who'll take advantage of me.

I have spent many years figuring out how to articulate music information in the clearest most concise way. I'm convinced this is some of the most straight forward information you will find anywhere!

If you were to have private lessons with me or anyone else for that matter, the information you are about to hold would cost you thousands of dollars. Now I would never discourage private music instruction, in fact I think it is a fantastic thing, especially if you have technical problems in certain areas. But it is not cheap. And you cannot go back to the same lesson over and over. Not only can you study these videos time and time again, but I'm going to make it all extremely affordable too!

I have set the price of this video masterclass at just $69.95. The bonuses valued together are worth twice what I am charging for this program, so I do understand that I'm completely crazy practically giving this thing away. But I really want you to have this! I believe it is truly groundbreaking stuff!

Don't forget - order the program now and save. The free bonuses are only available for a limited time!

Take care,

PS: order Jazz Guitar Video Masterclass now and get my Guitar Made Simple chord finder, and for a limited time, the complete Guitar Made Simple program, AND my 2006 album Live In London, all absolutely free!!

For all Windows and MAC operating systems
Please note: You will need to be connected to the internet to run this program.